Cultural learning organizations

A management and organizational model

About Learning Organizations                                       Eva Moraga

I.  Overview of literature and debates    pdf                             

II. The ‘learning organization’    pdf                                                                    

III. Developing a model of the ‘learning organization’                   

III. 1 Assumptions    pdf                                                                                

III. 2 The ethics of the ‘learning organization’   pdf                                                    

III. 3 The ‘learning organization’ infrastructure    pdf                                                 

III. 3. 1 Structural Communication    pdf                                                       

III. 3. 2 Individual learning and development    pdf                            

III. 3. 3 Participative decision-making    pdf                                                  

III. 4 Distributed leadership   pdf                                                                               

IV.      A working definition    pdf



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